Purpose Driven Launches Youth Campaign

Purpose Driven Youth Ministries (PDYM) launched their new “Planet Student” campaign on a nationwide scale for the first time last week.

“This marks the first time we have a stand-alone program for the youth,” says PDYM Director Joshua Griffin. Griffin explained that PDYM always wanted to develop a youth-orientated curriculum for the Youth. Nonetheless, he added, the ultimate goal of Purpose Driven is to “involve the entire church” – parents, teachers, and students.

The “Planet Student” curriculum has been in practice previously, but on a limited scale in local churches. With the launch of the wider campaign, PDYM anticipates that the number of participating churches may increase to the hundreds in the United States. The program may spread overseas as well.

With the current successes of the curriculum, PDYM sees a need to quickly expand the Planet Youth program.

“One of the many problems with youth ministry is that there are many 'lone rangers' and many people going at it alone,” Joshua Griffin said.

The August-release of “Planet Student” will coincide with the start of the K-12 school year. “We hope to give youth ministries nationwide a few weeks to go through housekeeping,” said Griffin.

With summer coming to a close, PDYM hopes that the youth ministries and churches all over the United States will cooperate in the nationwide drive to develop the faith of the youth.

“We're saying hey, let's join together with students ministries nationwide. We expect this number of participating individuals to grow into the thousands,” Griffin said. “We love to see this spread to the country for Christ.