Putting Off Procrastination

Acts 24:24-27

Some people like to say that they are "born procrastinators." According to Scripture, that is impossible for believers. Procrastination is a form of bondage in a person's life, and God, who desires the best for us, didn't design us to be enslaved.

Procrastination has two genuine causes. The first is "discomfort dodging." Many people put off taking action because of the related anxious or uncomfortable feelings, as in today's passage—fearing Paul's talk about righteousness, self-control, and judgment, Felix sent the apostle away. The second cause for putting things off is self-doubt. If we consider ourselves inadequate to complete a task, we may well choose not to begin it.

In our spiritual life, we sometimes delay Bible reading and meditating before God because He brings to the surface matters we need to confront. When those subjects come up, we often choose to procrastinate about dealing with them. Issues like pride, guilt, or self-control may not be comfortable to face, but dodging them obstructs God's purpose in our life.

If we postpone action, we can become preoccupied with the possibility of failure or fear of making a mistake. Then we tend to feel drained of the creativity and energy needed to tackle chores we should be doing. Delaying assignments from God is the same as disobeying Him.

Procrastination is not a laughing matter. Are you given to delay? Identify any problem areas and the feelings that accompany them. Then confess your procrastination, and rely on God's strength.

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