Rajasthan Christians on high alert as government official vows to close down Christian-run Charities

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India., Dec. 25 - Christians in Rajasthan, India, are bracing for severe persecution from a newly elected official of the northwestern state of Rajasthan who has threatened to close all Christian-run orphanages and social institutions.

Rajasthan Christians on high alert as government oRajasthan, India

In early December, the pro-Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won elections in three of four states, including Rajasthan.

Madan Dilaver, newly elected director of social affairs for Rajasthan, has openly proclaimed his intention to close institutions run by the Christian minority, according to news sources.

In particular, Dilaver said he would like to dismantle the Emmanuel Bible Institute Samiti, of Kota, which looks after 6,000 orphans and manages 150 centers for lepers and 140 rest homes for the needy.

He apparently has started a campaign against the Bible institute's president, alleging his supposed implication in "anti-national activities" and in organ trafficking, the news agency reported.

Sources said that it might be a sign of a return of Hindu "hatred campaigns" against Christians, and they appealed to the international community to intervene against Dilaver and those who instigate interreligious violence.