Resolution for Inner Peace

Resolution occurs in one place only: the mind. It is our egotistic mind that attaches and keeps us bound in reactive patterns, however conscious or unconscious.

The power of our minds also has the ability to release all suffering, simply by a change in focus—from “me” to being of benefit to “you.”

When we move our thoughts to the center of our hearts, there the ego is melted by loving compassion, both for all others and ourselves. When we view our reactive patterns from our hearts, we can release self-judgment, criticism, and thus have the capacity to release the same for all others.

By placing our focus to how we can serve, and be of benefit to life on Earth, stemming from our hearts, we are then free from the ego’s need to “conquer,” “win,” “achieve” and we move into that wondrous state of “being.” As we radiate out our highest and best intentions, people feel it. Positive changes begin to happen, sometimes far better than what we had “planned” before.

By resolving to view any negativity in our lives as a gift, we can learn that this gift brings up the negative thoughts and emotions to the light of our consciousness to be viewed, healed, and finally resolved.

Resolution by analogy
If it rained, and the sky was filled with storm clouds, I bet you wouldn’t take that “personally” and say: “Oh, the sky doesn’t love me, why doesn’t the sky like me?”

It is the same with people. Their negative patterns have nothing to do with you! People have delusions, and strong ego responses, based on fear. All people want to feel inner peace. So to equalize our self with all others brings us a gift of resolution. Each person may want to be free from pain, but may not know how to uproot old patterns. For this we must find compassion, and not take to heart their negative behavior.

Viewing people like nature
If we view people as we do beautiful flowers and trees, we will see that they deserve to be free to “be,” and we can show loving kindness, compassion, and at the same time, go on with our own life purpose, without getting caught up in “drama” or painful responses.

Do not try to hold on to people. Allow them the freedom to be who they are – just as you would a flower. Do not try to get responses from others, just give your genuine heartfelt understanding and support whenever needed. Just as we cannot tug at the petals of a flower to bloom, so too we cannot tug at people to grow, to fulfill our own ego’s needs.

Resolution and inner peace
Inner peace can only come from a change in mind. It is our minds, our thoughts that have run rampant that cause us pain—not what others do or say!

It is important to be consciously aware of the negative thoughts that arise in our minds, by noticing how we are feeling, and then replacing any negativity with impersonal truth, based on loving compassion for others. We must honor the truth in our hearts, and not what the ego seeks after, as this keeps us imprisoned within a cycle of obtaining that never ends.

Inner peace comes from calming the mind. Allowing negative thoughts to be noticed, and replaced with a higher truth. It comes from our determination to live with the utmost watchfulness over what goes through our mind. Once we can watch, replace, and set a new view within our mind, we will find inner peace and resolution is right here, in the now moment.