By Christian Ver Marcelo , CP Contributor
September 21, 2016|10:37 pm

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The much-awaited musical shooter game "Rez Infinite" will soon be coming to the PlayStation VR. With this, the developer has revealed a new trailer, showcasing the game's psychedelic experience fit for the virtual reality experience.

'Rez Infinite' for PlayStation VR

Enhance Games, the developer of the hit game "Rez Infinite," has just released a trailer of a certain level that will fully take advantage of the virtual reality environment. This new innovation will allow players to immerse even more in the virtual world of "Rez Infinite" - from its sounds, sights, to the overall feel.

There is no doubt that the original levels of "Rez" already look and feel gorgeous in the new platform, but they all fade in comparison to the new level introduced in "Rez Infinite". The Area X level has the highest definition among all levels in the game as it was especially designed for the PlayStation VR. Rave reviews have nothing but praises for it as they claim it to be one of the most beautiful and immersive experiences that the gaming industry has ever created.

Area X Details

The new Area X is a self-contained level bound for "Rez Infinite". It could then be unlocked after playing with the "Rez" reboot for at least an hour. This condition is set, as told by producer Mark MacDonald, because they wanted the players to fully grasp the game's lock-on and shooting controls before immersing themselves into Area X.

Upon designing Area X, Enhance Games aimed to strip "Rez Infinite" to its bare basics with an area made of particle-based rendering. Area X differentiates itself from other "Rez Infinite" levels as the player could freely glide throughout the space. This allows for a 360-degree viewing and moving freedom, giving rise to a visual and aural experience offered by nothing else, but "Rez Infinite."

The visual aesthetic of the Area X level in "Rez Infinite" ties in with the emotional response it elicits. The level is teeming with multicolored particles and sparks, directional sound, and a whole host of other immersive yet ethereal elements. It gives off the impression of being the evolution of the "Rez" franchise itself.


Area X, like all the other PlayStation 4 games, is playable through a normal television or display setup. However, as it is truly designed for the virtual reality environment, users could not fully maximize its features to allow for a more immersive gaming experience.

"Rez Infinite" will be launching on October 13 for the PlayStation 4. This would also be the same day that the PlayStation VR is released.

Rez Infinite Area X Gameplay