Run Quickly into Battle

1 Samuel 17:48

As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.

David was a man of faith, even while he was still a boy. Here's this kid, a teenager, not even fully grown. All David was doing was bringing some supplies to his brothers and wandering around the front lines to see what's going on with the war. And all of a sudden, he's faced a one-on-one encounter with the Incredible Hulk. Did he hem and haw around, looking for a way out? Did he say, "Wait a minute. Let me grow a little more. Let me mature a little. Let me go to school and get an education and work out a little more and get in better shape. Let me get a little better prepared before I jump into this." No, he didn't. David looked at the challenge God had given him, faced it head on, and ran quickly toward it. Because David put all of his faith in God, rather than in his own ability.

You and I are faced with challenges every day... and we avoid them like the plague. How many times have you been given an opportunity to witness – and you passed it up because you were afraid? Afraid that you didn't know enough about the Bible to witness? Afraid that you wouldn't know what to say? Afraid that the other person would think you were nuts?

Picture this. You're a Christian. You've been a Christian for quite a while. But you've also spent years making excuses for yourself, avoiding witnessing for fear of what people would think, afraid of your own inadequacy. One day, you find yourself standing at the bedside of a dear friend who is dying. You know in your heart that there are only days – even hours – left before this person will be gone. You also know in your heart that this person is not a Christian. This person has never accepted Jesus as his Savior. By some things that he says, you know that with just a few words, this soul would be saved... that this person would soon go to be with the Lord... if you would just open your mouth and speak. You can feel the Holy Spirit urging you on, pushing you to do what needs to be done for this person that you love so much. But you're so used to avoiding the issue - so fearful of what will happen to you - that you keep your mouth shut. You keep still rather than feel foolish. And three days later, your friend is gone... forever. For all eternity you will live with the knowledge of what you did... and what you didn't do. Sound extreme? Maybe. But it happened to me.

Don't let it happen to you. When faced with the challenge of witnessing for Jesus – or with any other challenge God gives you – put your faith in Him, not in yourself – and, like David, run quickly into battle for the Lord.

From Dogwood Ministries, Inc.

Used with Permission