Russia’s Red Cross Partners with Book of Hope for Outreach

Over 5,500 children and youth received Scripture books last month during the week-long outreach in Russia through a joint effort by an international Florida-based ministry and Russia's Red Cross.

Book of Hope, an Assemblies of God ministry that distributes Scripture books of the same name to kids around the world, handed out 1,000 books in conjunction with the Red Cross during four “jam-packed” Hope Fests.

“The director of the Red Cross organization told us how he appreciated the work that the team had done,” said Irene Litvinova, Book of Hope’s regional director for Russia. “He told us that he could clearly see how in their work Red Cross is missing the spiritual aspect, and was very encouraged that people from the other part of the world would come all this way to bring hope to students of Syktyvkar.”

The ministry reported that students had traveled great distances to attend the Hope Fests despite bad weather and there was a tremendous turnout at all four events.

“Nowadays we hear a lot about young people being so materialistic that they don’t think about spiritual things,” said Litvinova. “But we witness over and over again their spiritual hunger. It’s a lie that they are not interested in spiritual matters. There is still that void in their hearts that only God and His Word can fill.”

To date, nearly 300 million Books of Hope have been distributed worldwide, and the ministry says it’s “well on the way” to reaching its 2004 Faith Goal of distributing more than 56 million books to children and youth around the world.

Next week, Book of Hope is organizing a weeklong fiesta in Sao Paulo, Brazil to mark the distribution of the 300 millionth "Book of Hope" book.