Salvation Army Receives Gold Coins in Kettles - Again

Every year for 20 years, someone has anonymously donated a gold coin to the Salvation Army Red Kettle drive.

The first gold coin was found in 1982 in a red kettle in Chicago, IL. From then on, Salvation Army officials have been finding gold coins from donors in Chicago and other states as well.

According to Cliff Marshall, a spokesman for the charity in Chicago, more than 300 gold coins have been collected up to date, reported the Associated Press. This year, bell ringers in Chicago brought in a total of 10 gold coins so far, he said.

Some gold coins are worth only $15 while Krugerrands are worth the market price of gold but can fetch up to $600 from collectors. The coins which raised a total of $60,000 include the $1,000-valued gold coin that was minted 20 years before the Civil War and found in Kirksville, Mo.