By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter
December 28, 2011|10:18 am

Korean Electronics giant, Samsung is strongly considering revisiting some older models of its popular Galaxy S and Tab line, and possibly creating an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the devices.

Both the original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab might actually receive the update to Android 4.0. Samsung previously stated that the older models in those lines probably would not get to use Ice Cream Sandwich, but according to a report from ajnews in Korea, those plans might change.

Samsung now plans to view the viability of updating those two older devices in response to a strong customer demand. Initially the owners of the older models were hopeful for the ICS update, however Samsung shot those hopes down quickly – causing customers huge disappointment. Their opinions seem to have shifted Samsung’s.

Samsung has stated that it would be somewhat difficult to fit Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S smartphone and Tab since they both possess limited memory. But the company also said it will work hard in investigating ways to try and make it work.

Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s newest version of its Android operating system and is also known as Android 4.0.

The software debuted on one of the year’s most highly anticipated smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that dropped as a Verizon exclusive earlier this month.

Other popular smartphones are expected to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade in the near future, including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Razr. New model tablets are also expected to receive the upgrade since the new system is compatible with both tablets and smartphones.

Ice Cream Sandwich also includes many new features such as facial recognition, NFC (near field communication), which enables Android Beam, and a new graphics foundation called Roboto.

The Christian Post Daily Report 12.28.11

The Christian Post Daily Report 12.28.11