Santa’s Healthy Eating Holiday Checklist

Do bad eating habits get the best of you each holiday season? Do all the parties, get-togethers and festive dinners leave you feeling tired, sluggish, bloated and worn out? If so, Truestar is here to help you take back control of your diet and health throughout the holidays using Santa’s Healthy Eating Holiday Checklist!

• Eat before you go to a holiday party: Starving yourself all day so you can eat more at the party is definitely counter productive. It will only make you hungrier and more likely to gobble everything in sight! Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day and be sure to have a substantial, balanced snack before going to the party, such as cheese and whole grain crackers or cottage cheese with fruit and nuts. See Truestar meal plans for healthy and tasty recipes.
• Go for high protein foods versus the high sugar ones: The higher protein party foods such as cheese, deli meats and nuts will make you feel full longer and satisfy hunger more than the refined carbohydrates like white breads, crackers, pastries and desserts.

• Make healthier versions of holiday foods: Traditional holiday foods taste good but are loaded with fat and calories that are not good for your health. To make your favorite dishes healthier, try cooking with a little olive oil instead of butter, bake instead of frying foods and load up on healthy fruits and vegetables instead of decadent desserts! Try some of the Tasty Truestar dessert recipes.
• Slow down when you eat: Many people overeat mainly because they eat too fast! It takes 20 minutes from the time you eat until your brain gets the signal that you are full. So, eat slowly, put your fork down between bites and take a moment after you eat to sit back and relax. Once those 20 minutes are up, you likely won’t need that second helping.
• Keep up your exercise routine: Although the holidays may be a busy time, it’s important not to skip your exercise routine. Remember, if you burn the calories you consume, your weight should stay the same. If you’re having trouble finding time to workout, try doing half of your regular routine, do a few laps around the mall before your holiday shopping or exercise first thing in the morning before the holiday rush swings into full gear. See the Truestar exercise plans for great quick workout ideas or visit a Truestar For Women Center near you.

• Don’t drink excess alcohol: Although it may be tempting to “be merry” this holiday season, it’s best to try and limit how much you’re drinking. Sugar-laden alcohol contains many “empty calories” that contribute to weight gain. As well, drinking too much alcohol may increase your appetite and alter your judgment, making temptation next to impossible to resist. Try having a seltzer with a lime twist or glass of water between alcoholic drinks. You can also try the occasional “virgin” version of your favorite drink!
• Don’t overstuff your plate and belly: Portion size is the key to healthy eating and watching your waistline! During the holidays, you can taste all the foods you desire—but “taste” is the operative word. Eat smaller portions of your favorite holiday foods. Try filling your plate with hormonally balanced foods, including complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish, and essential fats such as nuts and avocado. See the Truestar Plate to see how your plate compares to ours!
• Don’t forget to stay hydrated: And no, that doesn’t include alcohol! In fact, many of the holiday beverages and foods we eat actually dehydrate our bodies. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of distilled water a day.

• Don't hang around the food: It’s easy to munch on those delicious holiday delights when you’re standing right next to them. When you’re at your next holiday function, put some distance between you and the food. This creates a convenient obstacle between you and all those unwanted calories!
• Don’t eat just because others are eating: It’s tempting to eat when others around you are eating, but if you’re not hungry, don’t eat! If you must nibble on something, try eating veggies or drink something low in calories.
• Don’t make holiday food the focus: It’s hard not to be consumed by food during the holidays since cookies, chocolates and candy canes appear everywhere. But remember, the holidays are also about celebration and enjoying time with those around you. Try focusing more on family and friends and less on food. Plan holiday activities such as ice skating, decorating the house or reading a favorite holiday book.

Have a healthy and happy holiday season!