SAT-7 Names New Executive Director

SAT-7 North America announced the appointment of its new Executive Director following the resignation of Ron Ensminger, who has served in the position for nine years. Effectively immediately, Debbie Brink, Vice President and Chief Development Officer for SAT-7, will serve as Acting Executive Director.

"It has been my privilege to be a part of the team that founded what many said wasn't possible. Yet SAT-7 has pioneered Christian television broadcasting in the greater Middle East. My passion remains focused on this strategic region of the world," said Ensminger following his resignation.

Since 1995, the Christian satellite television ministry SAT-7 has helped to encourage and strengthen the Middle Eastern Church in order to impact culture by providing indigenous programming that will inspire, inform, and educate the people of the region. The channel airs 24 hours of television programming per day, including children's programs, documentaries, homilies, music videos, cartoons, films, and situation comedies. More than 60 percent of SAT-7's programs are created by Arab Christians for Arab viewers.

After serving as the Executive Director for nine years, Ensminger leaves SAT-7 to become Managing Partner of Strategic Resource Group, located in Flagstaff, Arizona and Newport Beach, California. Strategic Resource Group is a ministry working among the people of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula, connecting people and resources with projects, churches and ministries in the region. SAT-7 is one of the ministries in the Strategic Resource Group portfolio.

Board Chair Ray Padron, who appointed Brinks as the new Executive Director, noted that Ensminger had been “tireless in his efforts to see SAT-7 grow from humble beginnings to a satellite network being viewed by 5-7 million people in the Middle East.”

“He almost single-handedly built the North American operations from scratch and we look forward to future partnerships with him in his new role with Strategic Resource Group," Padron added.

SAT-7’s new Executive Director, Debbie Brink, has worked with Christian mission agencies for 25 years, including SAT-7 for the past three. Prior to Ensminger’s resignation, Brink served as Vice President and Chief Development Officer for SAT-7.