By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
July 22, 2012|10:09 am

Proverbs 2

At one time or another, we have all felt confused, uncertain, or misled. We can live victoriously and confidently only by possessing spiritual discernment-- ability to see life from God's perspective. We need His help to distinguish between right and wrong, good and best, truth and error.

Each day we make many decisions--some trivial and others critical. The Lord doesn't want us to form judgments based on mere appearance or limited human reasoning. But with the world so full of deceptive information, how would we, on our own, know what to believe? God desires that we see the reality of each situation as He does. We can fully trust the Lord with our relationships as well. Since He knows every person's heart, the only way we can wisely interact with others is to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit within us.

Although God gives each of His children the capacity for spiritual discernment, many Christians are unaware of it. They stumble through life doing the best they can but fail to use this wonderful provision. Others don't think they need it. They make choices according to their own knowledge and reasoning, never giving the Lord a second thought. Unless we cooperate with God in the development of His wonderful gift of discernment, it will lie dormant within us.

A discerning spirit begins with a humble, teachable attitude. If you've been handling decisions, situations, and relationships through your own wisdom, confess this to God. Then ask for His perspective and search His Word for direction. Your wisdom will grow, and discernment will protect you.

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