Series of a Pastor's Messages Bring Revival to Campus

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS)’s special spring chapel series, held from March 1-3, brought a new spiritual revival onto the campus.

Pastor Fred Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans began the first of his series, titled “How to Revive Dry Bones,” by asking the audience how they handle the dry times in life when their “spiritual needle is going on empty.”

He described the times of spiritual dryness as when “the joy of the Lord is a thing of the past, uninhibited praise is a distant memory, abundant life is something you hear other people talking about, other denominations, other churches talking about, but it really doesn’t really relate. And revival is something that happens in other places and in other people.”

“If we’re honest with ourselves, many of us, if not most of us, can identify with the children of Israel,” Luter said. “Many of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, are like dead men walking. We’ve lost our vigor. And we wouldn’t know vitality if it slapped us in the face.”

Pastor Luter preached from Ezekiel 37, providing an illustration of spiritually dry condition of believers by referring to Ezekiel’s “vision of the valley of the dry bones”

He then listed the four steps to spiritual revival:

First step: “Dry bones must realize that they’re dry. No one should have to tell you you’re dry.”
Second step: “Spiritually dry people “must hear the Word of God.”
Third step: “Dry bones must respond to the Word of God.”
Last step: “Dry bones must be filled with the Spirit of God.”

The Lord commanded Ezekiel to preach the Word, not “the latest in politics, [but] the Word of God… Words that bring nourishment to dry bones. Words that bring strength to brittle bones. Words that bring life to lifeless bones,” he said, with the focus on the Word.

The reviving message of day two was on King David’s “Cry for Revival” as written in Psalm 143 where Luter reflected David’s "prayer, predicament, plea and proposition as he sought God for renewal," reports BP.

The last message delivered by Luter at MBTS was titled “In the Master’s Hands” with its main focus on how we’re messed up with sin and that we cannot fix ourselves, but “God’s got healing hands.”

“If you want to be revived, renewed, restored, rejuvenated, redeemed, put yourself in Jesus’ hands,” Luter said. “Put yourself in His hands, and I promise you, you’ll never ever again be the same.”