She Gave Her Savings to a Widow, So Her Bosses Gave Her the Gift of a Lifetime (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: ILikeGiving/YouTube)

When people see Catherine at Great Harvest Bread Company in Wichita, Kan., they don't only get service with a smile. They become the focus of a woman who selflessly loves the Lord, who prays for customers in need.

Her selflessness is so of another world that she gave her savings, $5,000, to a widow in need. She was saving the money to repair her broken down car, an urgent need as a past accident impaired her mobility, but she saw the needs of the widow greater than her own.

When Catherine's bosses learned about her act of generosity, they felt they had to do something. Not only would they commend her, they would help meet her greatest need. Watch this amazing story of generosity.