By Krixia Zhienelle Subingsubing
September 22, 2016|12:25 am

Sherlock and Dr. Watson BBC One

Martin Freeman (L) and Benedict Cumberbatch (R) return for new Sherlock season.

The high-functioning sociopath is finally set to return to the screen for "Sherlock" Season 4 on BBC, and we're demanding answers. Is Moriarty really dead or alive? How does his sudden resurfacing "from the dead" affect the lives of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington) and John Watson (Martin Freeman)?

There are also circulating rumors about "Sherlock" Season 5, and the theories vary greatly: from the cancellation of the series to a Cumberbatch-less Season 5. Well, we're here to set the record straight, from spoilers, rumors, updates and more.

Recap of 'Sherlock' Season 3

The upcoming "Sherlock" Season 4 follows the lead of a much-aplomb Season 3. Sherlock, earlier believed to be dead, came back to life during the season premiere. During the time he was "dead," the beloved (but grieving) John Watson has found love in Mary, who agrees to marry him.

But because this is "Sherlock," even a normal event such as marriage cannot pass without some sort of twist. Mary, it turns out, was an assassin in the past. And her happy ending with John is marred by Charles Augustus, who has his hands on Mary's bloody record. Sherlock resolved to kill him instead, forcing the British government (aka his brother Mycroft Holmes, played by producer Mark Gatiss) to send him to exile.

Moments after Sherlock boarded that plane, however, Moriarty (played by Andrew) suddenly appears on every television screen across the country, prompting Sherlock's plane to do a 180 to solve this new mystery.

Season 4 spoilers

So, is Moriarty alive? Sherlock seems to have answered that already in the "Sherlock" special, "The Abominable Bride." He confirmed that Moriarty is indeed dead, which means the latest threat could have been from Moriarty's network, or a posthumous threat from the grave

It might be a good time to start rewatching the old Sherlock episodes, however. Gatiss hinted that fans are looking at things "that aren't there," while missing the blindingly obvious clues laid out in the episodes. He discussed the theory of Moriarty's death based on a Grimms tale, and laughingly dispelled the rumors, saying while the show is about supersleuths, it's still very much created for the average viewer.

Gatiss also said the fourth season could be the "best one yet," while Benedict Cumberbatch dished that fans would see a more "human" Sherlock in Season 4. This is definitely a detritus of John's influence on him, Cumberbatch revealed, and will allow him to better understand people and the world.

We're also expecting to see "Thor" star Tom Hiddleston as Sherrinford, a third Holmes brother, though it's still unconfirmed. Toby Jones is also set to play Culverton Smith, an expert on tropical plants who uses his knowledge to try and kill Sherlock.

Season 5 News

"Sherlock" producer Steven Moffat also addressed rumors that there will no longer be a Season 5 after this. He said while he doesn't have the last word on the development on the BBC series, the show could even go on for years. Cumberbatch had even expressed his desire to play the sleuth until his old age.

Excited to see "Sherlock" yet? No confirmed date is set for its Season 4, but we're expecting it to come New Year's 2017, as with its previous seasons.