Sky Angel Adds Home and Garden to Lineup

Sky Angel, a company that delivers 36 channels of Christian and family television programming to subscribers via satellite, has announced the addition of the Home and Garden Television channel to its programming lineup. The new HGTV channel will be available to all Sky Angel subscribers.

Home and Garden Television is the nation's most popular channel for home interior and garden design. Programs on the GHTV channel cover topics like decorating, remodeling, gardening, crafts, and various other projects that homeowners can undertake to improve their homes. The channel already reaches 80 millions homes in the United States, which will increase with its inclusion into the Sky Angel lineup.

The addition of the HGTV channel is part of a trend at Sky Angel to add family-friendly, though non-Christian specific, channels. Sky Angel also recently added the Hallmark Channel, the Hallmark Movie Channel, and Fox News to its lineup. The new shows, while not specifically Christian, are family-oriented and will strengthen the entertainment value of Sky Angel's channel portfolio.

President of Programming, Kathy Johnson, said that the company was excited to be carrying the new channel: "HGTV is among several mainstream channels that we have received repeated requests from viewers to add to Sky Angel's diverse slate of faith and family channels… We're excited about carrying HGTV."

The Sky Angel service is available virtually everywhere within the contiguous 48 states, and requires the purchase of an affordable 20 inch DISH brand satellite dish. The Sky Angel service plan cost $14.99 per month, or as a $149.90 annual fee. The service is an alternative to more expensive and secular options, offering a way to ensure wholesome and faith-friendly programming for Christian families.