Sky Angel Brings Christian TV, Radio to Canada

Sky Angel, the leading U.S. direct broadcast satellite (DBS) provider of Christian TV and radio channels, has teamed up with ShifTV Inc. of Toronto, Canada, and is now launching the Sky Angel multi-channel television service throughout Canada.

Through the Sky Angel service, Canadian Christians will gain access to 30 TV and radio channels via a high-speed Internet connection, which is connected to viewers’ televisions by a set-top box provided by ShifTV. Christians in Canada previously had a limited access to Christian programming through traditional cable and satellite.

"After years of receiving thousands of requests from Canadian Christians for access to the Sky Angel television service, we are pleased to now be able to say, 'Yes, you can receive Sky Angel TV in Canada!'" said Rob Johnson, CEO of Dominion Video Satellite Inc., owner-operator of Sky Angel.

The new setup has an advantage for audiences, because they can access a more expansive range of Christian programming while still having the ability to watch programming through their TV set.

Subscribers can also surf the internet on their computer simultaneously using the same high-speed connection, and viewers can watch Sky Angel on their computers using most internet browsers.

"As the clear leader in providing viewer access to Christian programming, we will continue to provide the widest variety of Christian-inspirational channels through direct-to-home satellite in the U.S.," added Johnson, "but we are excited about this opportunity to partner with ShifTV in utilizing this emerging IPTV technology to deliver quality Christian and family programming geared to all ages and interests onto the television screens of homes, churches and businesses across Canada."

TV channels currently available in Canada via Sky Angel IPTV are KTV, a channel exclusive to kids and teens, TVU, a 24-hour Christian music video channel, and Trinity Broadcasting Network's full suite of channels.

Additional TV and radio channels are expected to be announced next month.