Slimming Nutrients

The nutrients you need to keep you healthy may also help you with your weight loss efforts. Find out what recent research says about these double-duty performers.

While there are a number of nutrients (such as Black Pepper Fruit Extract, Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Guarana Seed Extract and 5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan) that specifically address weight loss by increasing metabolism, increasing energy or suppressing appetite, there are others that are essential for good health but also have the added benefit of aiding in weight management.

Calcium – Long known for its role in building and maintaining strong bones, calcium also has a weight loss connection. When women who are deficient in calcium took 1,200 mg of calcium daily, they lost 4 times as much weight as those who took a placebo.

Vitamin D – In addition to its numerous health benefits, from cancer-fighting to bone-building, recent research suggests that people who have high levels of vitamin D at the start of a diet lose more weight.

Chromium – An essential trace mineral, chromium helps regulate glucose and increase the effectiveness of insulin. It also may help reduce cravings and enhance the body's fat-burning metabolism.

Green Tea – In the past few years, green tea has been linked to everything from protection against cancer, heart disease, dementia and diabetes to lowered cholesterol levels, but among green tea's most researched benefits has been its role in weight loss.

Prebiotics – These indigestible starches and fibers feed probiotic organisms (good bacteria) and help them thrive in your intestinal tract. They also may lead to weight loss by suppressing levels of hormones linked to hunger, says a new study from Canada. Overweight women who took a prebiotic supplement lost an average of 2 pounds over 12 weeks compared with those on a placebo (who actually gained weight).

Multivitamin – The list of reasons to take a complete daily multivitamin is already long (see The Importance of Supplements), but here's another: In a recent 15-week study, women who took a daily multivitamin felt 45% less hungry than those who took a placebo.

As you know, to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, it's best to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But you can greatly increase your chance of success by taking the right combination of nutrients, including those that do double-duty for health and weight loss.

Start with a complete daily nutritional supplement, such as Basic Nutrient Support, which supplies the full range of vitamins, minerals and 7 nutritional complexes, including the vitamin D, calcium, chromium and green tea extract mentioned above.

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