Somalia Anticipates Move Towards Stability

Conflict-torn Somalia announced on Tuesday that the opposing Islamic militant group has been scattered and it does not expect further major fights.

Somalia’s government with the help of Ethiopian troops has dispersed the Islamic fighters that up until two weeks ago controlled most of southern Somalia, reported The Associated Press.

The hardline Islamic group is believed to have ties with al-Qaida and has been accused of sheltering al-Qaida and foreign Islamic fighters.

For the past 15 years, Somalia has not had an effective government, but instead suffered from warlords and from the Islamic militant group.

In a symbolic victory last week, Somalia’s prime minister entered the capital Mogadishu which was formerly a stronghold for the Islamic group.

“The situation in Somalia is unpredictable,” said Norwegian Church Aid’s Kari Oyen, in a report on Saturday. “Although the interim government with the support of the Ethiopian government troops advances and controls important Somali cities, it is highly uncertain how and when the Islamic Courts Union troops will resist.”

NCA, an Action by Churches Together member, is the only international aid agency present in the Gedo region, the second largest region in the country in Somalia. NCA has responded to the conflict by providing humanitarian aid to the thousands of people displaced by the clashes including plastic sheeting, blankets, cooking utensils and household items. The aid agency has also purchased water containers to supply up to 1,000 families which are expected to arrive in Nairobi this week.

Despite the fighting, no mass migration from Somalia has been reported.