Spread the Word Offers Online Christian Storefronts

Spread the Word (STW), the world’s largest inventory of Christian products on the Internet, is offering online Christian storefronts to ministries, churches, and individuals.

Through their own customized website, STW clients will have the opportunity to sell over 150,000 Christian products, including music, videos and gifts, with profit margins of up to 30 percent.

According to Britt Beemer, author of “Predatory Marketing,” entrepreneurs have a “huge” opportunity in STW, as the Christian product industry – which grossed more than $5 billion in 2002 alone – is only operating at about one-sixth of its potential.

“I don’t know of any other industry that could double its sales overnight and still not be close to its potential,” said Beemer. “That is why the opportunity is so huge.”

Not a regular business venture, STW’s online bookstores also help to “keep Christian dollars in Christ’s Kingdom,” according to a statement released by STW.

“Spread the Word redirects Christian spending back to the Christian community through yourself, churches, ministries and other entrepreneurs,” it added. “These dollars are then used to fulfill the Great Commission and spread the message of Jesus Christ.”

In 2004, over $1 million was paid to STW’s clients.

To register for an online bookstore or for more information, go to www.stwm.com.