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Steven Tyler National Anthem at AFC Championship (Video)

  • (Photo credit: Reuters/Daniela Desantis)
    Steven Tyler of Aerosmith puts his hat back.
By Simon Saavedra , Christian Post Correspondent
January 22, 2012|8:51 pm

Steven Tyler, the "American Idol" judge, gave a rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" on the Patriots vs. Ravens game on Sunday afternoon which was met with mixed reactions.

While some are viciously attacking him for what they consider "Butchering the National Anthem"- Bleached Report, or even calling it "More obscene than Janet Jackson's [expletive]"-FOXSports.com, many fans are defending him saying that although he didn't sound as great, he had definitely given his best shot at it.

"A very hard song to sing. He pretty much sang it in typical Steve Tyler fashion," commented Hen24 for the performance.

Some media outlets were reporting boos for his performance but according to Karen Struffolino in Rossford, Ohio, "I didn't hear any boos either...it wasn't the greatest I have heard but it really wasn't that bad."

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