Straight Talk in a Crooked World

In a "crooked world," a Christian author is offering some guidelines and insight to teens and singles through a new conversational book.

A mother of four, Lori Wagner recently released her first full-length publication entitled Gates & Fences: Straight Talk in a Crooked World geared toward the singles population.

The younger generations face a world that "tears down faith and morality," as Wagner described it, and often presents biblical boundaries as negative. Wagner, however, asks readers to consider the boundaries as a source of blessing and protection.

"I have teenagers," said Wagner, "and it's tough raising them in the culture of moral compromise we live in today. I hope to encourage young people to make wise choices for the here and now and for their futures."

Elaborating on the book's title, Wagner described "gates" as gateways of interaction such as early dating or one's eyes. And with gates, there are "fences," including submission to authority or modesty.

The book, in spiral-bound format with Q & A and journaling pages, has an inter-denominational appeal and is endorsed by pastors as it offers frank discussions on such issues as dating and what singles are wearing today, especially clothing that promotes sensuality.

"Dating is not a recreational activity," she said as she explained the contents of her new book.

"In our world today, it's all about what pleases me; does this feel good now?" Wagner highlighted, alluding to what she called "the doctrine of self-gratification."

"The more you try to please yourself, the more empty you feel," she continued.

Where does today's teen or single find contentment in a world that teaches self-gratification?

"It's when you try to serve others with your life focused on something greater than yours," Wagner commented.

Coming out of a past where she "did a lot of living," Wagner is confident to point to the biblical way as the best way.

"I can stand on this side and say, 'This is the better way.'"

Wagner founded Affirming Faith to provide encouraging resources to Christians facing daily challenges. Following the release of her first book, she is in the works of additional resources that acknowledge and validate the principles of Scripture.