Students at SBTS share faith on streets

Hundreds of students and many faculty members of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary rushed out into the streets of south Fort Worth to testify their faith, in response to the challenge proposed by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, earlier this month.

"We are hiding in the house," said the convention president, Rev. Bobby Welch of Daytona Beach, Fla. Welch. He is currently forerunning the campaign to record a million baptisms in a single year in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Welch and Patterson also participated in witnessing to the people on the streets and inside the businesses on the street of West Berry near Paschal High School.

“A lot of people are bowled over when you say a million, since the convention has never baptized 500,000 in a single year,” he said. And he defined the greatest obstacle in fulfilling the million as getting the Baptists out of their churches and into the streets.

He has also shown concern for the decrease in baptisms in the last four years with the total of 377,357 baptisms in 2003. Baptism totals for 2004 will be released in April.

"There is a longing out there," says Welch, in his plea to the students to get out there and share their faith boldly.