Summer Bible Reading Challenge Helps Americans Finish in 90 Days

With summer not far away now, publishing giant Zondervan and the founder of Bible reading ministry are challenging Americans to take up the Holy Book for their summer reading and get through it in just 90 days.

"Just 12 pages a day is all it takes to read the Bible in ninety days," says Ted Cooper, who founded The Bible in 90 Days ministry after becoming a believer at the age of 43.

"Once you break it down into bite-sized pieces and share the experience with others, what seems like a formidable challenge becomes possible, enjoyable, and, for many, life changing," he adds.

According to Cooper, The Bible in 90 Days has helped tens of thousands of people read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The ministry's curriculum of the same name helps to make what seems a monumental task more manageable by segmenting the book into 12-page sections.

To date, the curriculum has been used by churches of different denominations, small groups, and even prisons and drug rehab facilities.

"Something transformational happens when you read the Bible in its entirety in a compressed timeframe," says Cooper, who abandoned his life as a successful businessman after reading through the Bible for the first time.

"That's why I'm launching the ultimate summer reading challenge and encouraging people across America to get their churches, families, neighborhood small groups, even entire communities reading the Bible. The whole Bible. 90 days," he says. "Let's read it together."

The Bible in 90 Days Summer Reading Challenge will run from June 1 to August 29 and includes a daily reading plan as well as encouragement to meet in a group once a week to discuss the week's reading.

According to a study by the Barna Group, 72 percent of Americans who have never read the entire Bible say they want to do so during their lifetime.