Summer Christian Reading that Brings Peace in Time of War, Crisis

With summer in full-swing and the fourth of July weekend coming up, people across America will be heading outdoors for some fun in the sun or staying at home for a little R and R.

For Christian booklovers who plan to take a book or two with them wherever they decide to go, the following is a quick peak at some new and upcoming books that might be worth looking into:

The Christian Art of War: Spiritual Lessons for the Battle Against "Self"

In The Christian Art of War, author Ivor Myers attempts to uncover the secrets of lasting victory in the fight of faith. First, he challenges the notion that Christians can be passive civilians in a time of spiritual warfare. Then he attempts to arm readers as soldiers in the army of Christ, emphasizing the need to master their greatest foe – the enemy within.

"Anyone who has ever taken up the cross of Christ realizes that the walk of faith is a fierce battle and a very long march," commented Dwight Hall, president of Remnant Publications, which published the book in April. "This book provides help and encouragement for the weary warrior. Not only does it give the skills we all need to walk a victorious life, readers will simply be astonished at the unique and challenging object lessons he presents on almost every page."

By applying military strategy, combat-training techniques, and even the laws of nature and the animal kingdom, Myers tries to offer real hope and change for Christians being bombarded with a gospel that requires nothing of them, and therefore offering little in return.

"Whether you struggle with pornography, impure thoughts, drug addictions, or any other sin that burdens your heart, The Christian Art of War will give you tremendous hope," Myers expressed in a news release. "The lessons will teach you to work courageously with the Lord and to become 'more than conquerors.'"

The book is currently unavailable on, but can be purchased at

Peace in Your Life: The Real Deal About Family Life, Work, Peace, and Salvation

In his latest book, Peace in Your Life, author Dave Chomanics attempts to present Christianity not as religion or doctrine but as a personal belief in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

"It's not your typical Christian book. I tell it like it is," he said of his book in a blog comment.

According to a news release, Peace in Your Life was written to promote the Bible as the sole authority on Jesus Christ, the Christian walk, and application of Christian belief to everything from marriage to current events.

"[T]here is a difference between following the leaders of a church and following Jesus Christ," Chomanics asserts.

The author's spiritual self-help guide, which was published in May, is sequentially organized to attempt to help readers begin fostering a truly Christian way of life.

Peace in Your Life is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

Crisis in America: Families in Need

Crisis in America "is a love letter to the parents of America," explains the book's author, Karen V. Kitt.

"America's children – of all backgrounds, of all ages – are in need of advocates," writes Kitt, who will officially launch her new book, "Crisis in America: Families in Need" on July 18 in Cleveland at "Taking Back the Family Conference: A Kingdom Initiative."

Published by AuthorHouse in April, "Crisis in America" reflects the author's five-year journey through education reform, changes in classroom instructional methods, student interaction and observations, educational research, student and family conferences, personal family and relational challenges, and intense prayer and Bible study.

"Children are in need of Godly, Spirit-led individuals who will speak the Word of God over their lives, work hard on their behalf and pray," writes Kitt, whose passion for child advocacy – encompassing both problems and solutions – is based on her own experiences as a committed Christian, a middle school teacher, a mother and an African American.

The author invites readers to re-examine their histories, establish priorities, seek God's plan for their lives, and step into their purposes – all with an eye on creating a better future for their children.

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