Superchic[k] Finds Beauty From Pain

Superchic[k] has released their energetic pop-punk spirit in their latest album "Beauty From Pain."

With rock theme songs and positive messages, the new release will help pull listeners through dark times. "The songs won't bring you down. But if you are down, this album lets you know that you're not alone," said lead singer Tricia Brock.

The Chicago-based band has raised the bar musically and lyrically with "Beauty From Pain" as it delivers more diversity, stylistic blends, and emotional range. It combines punk-rock riffs, hip-hop beats, and R/B melodies.

"We all go through these hard times, but in reality, there is a beauty in that pain because it makes us stronger people and prompts us to lean on God in a way that we never have before." said vocalist/guitarist Melissa Brock.

Track Listing
1. Anthem
2. Pure
3. Bowling Ball
4. Stories (Down To The Bottom)
5. Wishes
6. Beauty From Pain
7. It's On
8. Suddenly
9. Courage
10. We Live