Survey: Finances a Top Concern for Seminaries

The top three critical challenges facing the seminaries are related to financial stability and accountability -- at least according to findings released by In Trust magazine last month.

In the spring 2005 issue of In Trust magazine, the presidents and board members of theological schools across the U.S. and Canada were asked to address critical issues and challenges confronting their seminaries in the immediate future. The results, drawn up from the 370 usable responses, revealed that seminarians are mostly concerned about capital campaign, growing endowments, fundraising, and student enrollment.

Among those top issues, the one that deemed most important in the eyes of the responding presidents as a whole was student enrollment (12.8%), followed by capital campaign (11.2%), and fundraising (9.6%). The issue that carried the most weight with the board members as a whole was fundraising (20.3%), followed by student enrollment (16.6%) and capital campaign (14.6%). Growing endowment ranked fourth for both groups.

In Trust, Inc., as described by its website, is a servant of the churches with mission to “educate and inform those responsible for the governance of the graduate theological schools of North America.” In addition to its Good Faith Governance Seminars, the organization also provides service through its magazine, In Trust; website, In Trust Online; and e-newsletter, In Trust Now.

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