By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
July 16, 2014|8:06 am

Swearing on a Digital Bible?

Recently, an ambassador for the United States was sworn in on a Kindle version of the Holy Bible, prompting some to question if that was an acceptable decision.

Suzi Levine, U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, was sworn in last month on a Kindle due to there not being a paper Bible immediately available.

G. Brooke Lester, assistant professor in Hebrew Bible and director for Emerging Pedagogies at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, told The Christian Post that a swearing-in ceremony may prompt a question of symbolism.

"We're used to seeing the Bible as a single, bound book, and that appearance achieves a lot of symbolic value for many people," said Lester.

"At a swearing-in, that kind of symbolism might matter, even to people who don't really object to Kindle Bibles."