Switchfoot Heads Back To The Studio After Australian Tour

After recently finishing their first tour in Australia (7 performances in 8 days, including a performance of Dare You To Move at the MTV Video Music Awards), San Diego based rock quartet Switchfoot is back in the studio to record their new album. Regarding their time in Australia, bass player Tim Foreman had this to say:

"Let me simply say this: Switchfoot loves Australia. This was our third time over there in the last 18 months, and each time we have a harder time leaving. The shows felt great, thanks to all the fine folks who crammed into the sweaty clubs to sing along with us. It's an amazing feeling to be on the other side of the world and have a few thousand people singing our songs louder than we are... it made us feel like family."

Switchfoot's time on the road has become invaluable to the band's writing process, as all the material for the new album was written while on tour.

"We've got like 40 songs written," Foreman told MTV in a previous interview. "We've been traveling a lot and we've been to different places in the world that we've never been before, so I think that will shape the feel of the music. Maybe a little bit more of an Eastern feel to the songs, a little bit more of a darker record."

The album, which will be the band's fifth studio recording, is tentatively scheduled for release this July and will be produced by John Fields, who worked with the group on The Beautiful Letdown.

"He works just as quick as we do, and that adds up," said Foreman.

In addition to their time in the studio, Switchfoot has also added a series of new tour dates to their itinerary as follows:

4/02/05 Winter Haven FL Cypress Gardens
4/27/05 Auburn AL Auburn Outdoor Field
4/28/05 Ruston LA Louisiana Tech University
4/30/05 Valdosta GA Wild Adventures

In other Switchfoot news, the band is currently offering two iPod "tattoo stickers" for download on their website. (www.switchfoot.com/extras2.htm) The stickers are available for the newest model of the iPod only and are also available at most computer stores (CompUSA, etc.).