TBN Partners With Friend Ships to Bring Aid to Katrina Victims

With New Orleans evacuees still in great need of relief supplies, the Trinity Broadcasting Network – the world’s largest religious network – has partnered with Christian humanitarian agency Friend Ships to take crucial assistance to the thousands affected by Hurricane Katrina.

“Hope,” the network’s 180-foot cutter, was given special permission from the Coast Guard last Monday to set sail for its destination at Gretna Louisiana, according to Don Tipton, founder and director of Friend Ships. The vessel will be carrying food, water and other supplies.

TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch authorized a gift of $100,000 specifically for Friend Ships' effort, and are urging viewers and others around the world to answer God's call to reach out to Katrina's victims.

"This is the heart of the gospel, to reach out and help the hurting in their time of need," says Paul. "We have a real opportunity here to put our faith in action."

In addition to the donated supplies, TBN is also sending 10,000 Bibles for distribution to affected areas, and Jan Crouch is arranging to have over 85,000 dolls and other toys shipped for children whose families have been affected.

“TBN is all about being a conduit for God’s mercy and love,” says Jan. “That’s not limited to our programming – but in everything we set our hands to do. Right now it’s reaching out to the thousands of people and families devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”

Aside from Friend Ships, TBN is also ministering relief through its own ministry of compassion, His Hands Extended, which has helped bring food, water, and other desperately needed resources to the devastated areas.

To donate to TBN's, His Hands Extended, visit www.tbn.org, or call 1-888-731-1000 or send a donation to:

"His Hands Extended – Katrina Relief Fund"
P. O. Box A
Santa Ana, CA 92711