Team Narnia Now Recruiting

A website called The Movement is issuing an invitation for all C.S. Lewis fans to get involved in “Team Narnia,” a special task force designed to help spread awareness for the upcoming film.

Team Narnia is seeking people as, “imaginative and diverse as the land of Narnia itself,” to take active roles in spreading the word about the film and its two “inspired by” soundtracks, to be released this fall, according to a press release.

Currently, Team Narnia is looking for volunteers to work the Narnia booth at the Alive Festival in Ohio (June 22-25). Participants will help visitors register for prizes, hand out free Narnia t-shirts, answer Narnia riddles, and more. Eighteen volunteers will be selected, six of which will receive a free four-day pass to the festival ($100 value) and twelve of which will receive free CD’s ($45).

In return for their services, members of Team Narnia will get exclusive updates on the forthcoming soundtracks, their related recording artists, and much more.

For more information on Team Narnia, please visit .