Teleconferencing Unites Hundreds in Prayer for Katrina Victims

The suddenness and savageness of Hurricane Katrina left many Americans shocked, leaving victims and aid workers with a sense of helplessness in the face of a massive relief effort. Christians throughout America have been called to prayer, by pastors, elders, and even lawmakers. One company's teleconferencing technology is allowing Christians to reach out far beyond geographical boundaries, to pray with those who need it the most.

Greater Calling is a non-profit teleconferencing ministry that helps believers pray with people beyond their immediate geographical area. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of people a day have been participating in a free prayer conference sponsored by Greater Calling.

By dialing a toll free number, and entering a special access code, Christians can join with others around the world at 8PM EST each evening to pray for those affected by the hurricane. The sessions are led by members from America's National Prayer Committee, and hundreds of Christians have simultaneously participated in the 30 minute interactive sessions.

Dave Butts, the Chairman of the National Prayer Committee said of the sessions, "We know that many people feel the need to pray for those being challenged during this tragedy and we are pleased to offer them a unique way to join together right from their own homes in prayer."

"We believe that prayer is the way to release God's power and grace," said Dana Simons, Co-Founder of Greater Calling Ministries, "and we are blessed to have the technology available to unite people in prayer through the use of the telephone."

People interested in joining the National Prayer Committee in prayer should call 866-842-9557 and enter 900918 to join the call. Each session is limited to 500 people, but the sessions will be held each night until Sept. 8. Alternatively, individual groups can sign up to use the service at the Greater Calling website, uniting families and friends in prayer groups at any time of the day.