Tesh And Family Head To Sri Lanka To Aid Disaster Victims

Entertainer John Tesh and his wife -award-winning actress Connie Sellecca- and two children, Gib, age 23, and Prima, age 10- are traveling to Sri Lanka to aid tsunami survivors. Known as a television host, recording artist, music director, and syndicated radio host, Tesh will be going to Asia as a representative of Operation Blessing International (OBI), a non-profit humanitarian organization that was one of the first relief groups on location after the disaster hit southeast Asia on December 26th and who are currently providing emergency relief and medical aid in Banda Aceh, Indonesia; Phuket, Thailand; Andhra Prahesh state of India; and hard hit areas of Sri Lanka.

“Family is very important to us – and our hearts ache for all the children, moathers, and fathers who have been devasted by the tsunami,” says Tesh. “We look for ways to be of service and help others. We’re going to Sri Lanka not only to provide support and counsel to the victims, but to raise awareness for Operation Blessing’s relief programs. There are thousands who need help now – especially medical attention.”

The critical need for medical supplies is currently a focal point for Operation Blessing. "Even basic medical supplies to treat cuts and abrasions aren't available in areas destroyed by the tsunami," reports OBI president Bill Horan. "If left untreated, even small cuts can lead to serious infections. We are bringing in $4.2 million dollars worth of antibiotics to Sri Lanka . Our medical doctors and nurses are working night and day in the field - there is an unprecedented need."

Tesh and his family will be sending reports back to the States with relief updates and information. Tesh’s daughter, Prima, is also bringing handwritten notes of encouragement from her California classmates to the hurting children of Sri Lanka.

To follow the Tesh family in Sri Lanka , log on to www.ob.org for video, audio and journal updates. To listen to John Tesh' syndicated radio show updates, log on to www.tesh.com for a listing of radio stations across the U.S