By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
May 5, 2013|11:18 am

Galatians 6:7-9

Have you ever felt the Lord calling you to something really big-maybe some task that seemed impossible or a goal that would no doubt take years to achieve? Most likely, some aspiration or God-given promise just came to mind. As you think about it, let's consider three common courses of action.

First, we can take a shortcut. After all, if the Lord makes a promise or gives us a goal, wouldn't He want us to attain it as quickly as possible? The answer is, Not necessarily. God often gives a pledge years before He brings it to pass. When we try to manipulate circumstances and "help" the Lord fulfill His promise, we'll surely get in the way of the good things He has in mind for us. We should remember that part of the blessing will be the trust and wisdom that we gain while we are waiting.

Second, we can simply quit. We might tell ourselves, Who wants to wait ten years for anything? That is simply too long. I'd rather move on to something else. So we just walk away, forget that the opportunity ever came up, and try not to think about it anymore. But what a tragedy it is to say no to a promise of God and to miss out on the blessing He has planned for us.

Third, we can wait patiently and trust the Lord to bless us. This is clearly the best option, but sadly the one too many of us tend to avoid.

If someone were to say to you, "Ten years from today, I'm going to give you ten million dollars," what would you say? Most likely, you would not respond, "No, thanks. I want it now or not at all." Why then, do so many Christians say that to God? He has tremendous blessings in store for you-if you're willing to wait.

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