The Curse of the Inward-Looking Church

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By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
June 3, 2014|8:00 am

The Curse of the Inward-Looking Church

 In Wednesday's post, I focused on seven very practical habits of churches that have an outward focus. I am honored and humbled to be in a place where I get to hear from and study about thousands of churches. The leaders and congregants in those churches provide me with incredible information and data. I am grateful, because I'm not smart enough to understand these issues on my own.

As God has allowed me to study congregations for more than 25 years, I began to see a common pattern in churches that had become outwardly focused. You read some of the practical steps these churches have taken in the earlier post.

Conversely, though, I also can see a simple but profound pattern among the declining churches.
"Stated simply, the most common factor in declining churches is an inward focus."



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