By Junrell Calunod , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|3:02 am

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The dramatic summer finale of "The Fosters" Season 4 put almost all members of the Adams-Foster family in jeopardy. The mid-season ender "Collateral Damage" left fans figuring out what will happen to the troubled family when the television drama returns to Freeform next year.

Freeform has not yet revealed any information about the remaining episodes of the fourth season. However, Rob Morrow, one of the directors of the hit LGBT-themed television series, recently teased that Episode 11 will come with the title "Insult Injury."

What Does 'Insult Injury' Mean?

Morrow took to Twitter to express his excitement that he is set to the direct the first and second episodes of Season 4B. He shared an image showing "Insult Injury" as the title of Episode 11.

The details behind the title are still unknown as Freeform has not yet released the official synopsis for the pilot episode of Season 4B. CarterMatt interpreted that the title is derived from the idiom "add insult to injury." The summer finale left with the Adams-Foster kids in bad situations and Episode 11 is expected to push them to worsened circumstances.

Among the Adams-Foster children who are in big trouble, Brandon (David Lambert) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) are most likely the ones to encounter worsened situations in the upcoming episode. Executive producer Peter Paige told TVLine that Brandon and Mariana are the two characters who are aware of the choices they made and the consequences they needed to pay for those choices. He hinted the remaining episodes of the fourth season will see the siblings paying the consequences of their past decisions.

More Pains for Brandon & Mariana

The mid-season finale showed Brandon's Julliard dreams crumbled after he got busted for cheating on his SAT. Aside from the ripped dreams, the upcoming episode will also reveal if he will lose Cortney (Denyse Tontz). Paige said that there will be a clarification about the Brandon-Cortney relationship in Episode 11.

Moreover, Mariana's situation is also expected to get worse in the remaining episodes of Season 4. The summer finale showed her in great trouble because of her ADHD drug addiction and her mounting school problems.

Mariana also needed to deal with the return of Nick (Louis Hunter), her unstable ex-boyfriend. Her meltdown further escalated when she discovered Mat is about to go to school in Boston. Paige teased that Mariana's problems will continue to mount as the season progresses.

Amid problems, Paige assured to EW that there is hope for the troubled characters. He said that Brandon and Mariana, along with their embattled siblings, are smart and resilient characters who are capable of recovering from bad situations.