By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
February 20, 2012|8:39 am

Romans 8:31-39

Persecution exists everywhere. You can undergo harassment or mistreatment for your faith without moving to a foreign land where God is openly despised. While such abuse may damage our livelihood, alienate friends, or even take our life, it should not devastate our faith--that kind of harm happens only when believers are gripping things they'd rather not surrender.

What can be taken from someone who owns nothing? If he acknowledges God as the owner of all his possessions, then he can't ever suffer loss.

What servitude can be forced on one who already does the will of Another? He who chooses a life of humility cannot be humiliated for doing what is right.

How might a dead man be killed? Only one thing can be taken from a person who has been crucified to this world and its allurements: his physical life. And he will freely exchange that for the eternal reward of heaven.

If believers are caught up in what's around them, persecution can damage their faith. But when people yield everything in their lives to Jesus Christ and acknowledge His total control, they don't worry about what is in His hands. They trust that God will see them through both the blessings and hardships that comes their way (Ps. 23).

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Nothing we own on earth can go through the gates of heaven with us. Therefore, the best place to stack our earthly treasure is on the altar. Surrender yourself and your possessions. Draw close to the all-sufficient Father, who will comfort you and guide you through persecution.

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