By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
November 23, 2012|9:30 am

Ezra 8:22

The title of today's devotion sounds like a self-help book that promises fame, wealth, and prestige if you'll follow its ten easy steps. But God defines the good things in life quite differently, and they are achieved only by seeking Him. When we make Him the top priority in our lives, we can expect His blessings of:

  • An intimate love relationship. Those who earnestly seek God learn to know Him deeply and experience an amazing sense of oneness with Him. Then He's no longer a distant deity but a close friend. As your commitment grows, you'll experience a love that transcends any human relationship.
  • Satisfaction. The empty place in every heart can be filled only by the Lord. All earthly pursuits of pleasure or purpose fade in comparison to the satisfaction found in His presence.
  • Joy. When seeking the Lord is your priority, you'll find a new joy that circumstances cannot steal, since it's based in your relationship with Christ. Suffering and difficulties won't devastate you, because you'll trust Him and see the situation from His perspective.
  • God's help. As today's verse explains, the Lord's hand of favor is upon those who seek Him. In fact, He delights in coming to their aid and providing for their needs.

Are these the kind of good things you're experiencing, or have worldly values sidetracked you? Your thoughts reveal your true priorities. If you can go all day without thinking of the Lord, you're not earnestly seeking Him. But when He's the delight of your life, you won't be able to forget Him.

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