The Media's Name Game

Some time ago, I coined the phrase "Media of Mass Deception" to describe most of what comes out of mainstream media outlets. The MMD negatively affect the core values of the American people through a variety of tactics that influence public opinion. Over the next several weeks, we'll take an in-depth look at some of their most potent approaches.

First on the list is a subtle "Name Game." This is the MMD's resourceful way of assigning to major issues new nomenclature that erodes our appropriate emotional responses and replaces them with false impressions. Using semantic twists and turns, the perpetrators of the Name Game have experienced dramatic success on a number of fronts.

Three prime examples of the Name Game tactic are the expressions "pro-choice," "tolerance," and "no-fault divorce," all of which have become commonly used and accepted. Let's examine each of these.


Recognizing that the term "pro-abortion" held little public appeal, the architects of the abortion industry quietly adjusted the term to "pro-choice." In doing so, they effectively altered the concept of abortion in many people's minds—changing the focus from the death of unborn children to the deeply ingrained American sense of freedom.

After several decades of such indoctrination, even well-meaning pro-life supporters now regularly use the term pro-choice to describe abortion advocates. They unwittingly join the abortionists' clever marketing scheme to convince Americans that the murder of a baby is really about women's rights. Don't be fooled. Call it what it is—the pro-death movement.


As Josh McDowell explains, "Tolerance has become the cardinal virtue, the sole absolute of our society, and our children hear it preached every day in school and from government, media, and their friends … This new tolerance means to consider every individual's beliefs, values, lifestyle, and truth as equally valid …"

There are many examples of the new tolerance promoted by the MMD. If we don't accept same-sex marriage, foreign religious prayers in Congress, or the "fact" of global warming, we are labeled intolerant. But, what about tolerance toward Judeo-Christian values? Clearly, being tolerant has come to mean being "inclusive."

No-fault Divorce

The term "no-fault divorce" is an oxymoron. Of course, there is fault in a divorce. Two people vow before God, family, and friends to stay together through thick and thin. A divorce means that one or both broke that promise. Can you really break a promise and not be at fault?

This intentionally misleading term is perpetuated by the MMD to create an environment in which anyone can get a guilt-free divorce with little or no accountability. I challenge you to ask a friend or loved one who has been through a divorce if it was actually nobody's fault, guilt-free, or without consequence.

In all these cases, words color our communication. We must be aware of the media's influence in this area. We must remember just how powerful words are. And we must choose them wisely and use them with truthfulness.