The One Thing That Holds Most Leaders Back

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  • perry noble
By Perry Noble, Christian Post Guest Columnist
August 31, 2013|11:01 am

What is the one thing that holds most leaders (and the organizations they lead) back?

It's simple...

The unwillingness to make a really hard decision.

That's it!!!

Most leaders know the decisions that need to be made, the hard conversations that need to be had, the programs that need to be done away with or the people who need to be replaced...

They just lack the courage to do it.

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This is WAY TO COMMON of a problem in churches! "Leaders" will let things go because addressing them will make things uncomfortable! And when that happens everyone loses.

I honestly believe MOST churches are two or three MAJOR decisions away from doubling in size!!! (Yes, I REALLY do believe that!)

What are those changes? How do we recognize them? When is the right time to make them?

We will be dealing with those questions (and a WHOLE LOT MORE) at my next "Leadership Intensive" that I will be hosting here at NewSpring Church on November 12-14. (Here is a link with ALL of the information about registration!)

20 spaces are already gone, it's limited to 50 people...and it will be one of the most fun AND challenging times you have ever had at any leadership event!

Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church which has multiple campuses in South Carolina. At just 12 years old, the church averages over 16,000 people across all campuses. You can find Perry online at or on twitter @perrynoble.

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