The World's Tiniest Baby and the Abortion Debate

After six months of hospitalization, the world’s smallest surviving baby was sent home – in good health – to face all of life’s challenges and promises. The survival of Rumaisa Rahman, who was born 14 weeks premature at just 8.6 ounces, is more than a medical miracle – it is an undeniable testimony that life begins long before “birth” and that choice comes at conception, not delivery.

Rumaisa, the smaller of a set of twins, was born at just 26 weeks’ gestation after her mother developed a fatally high blood pressure level. Although both the mother and children were at risk in performing the surgery, the Rahmans took their chance and were blessed with two beautiful baby girls – both with normal physical and mental developments.

Looking at Rumaisa’s story and reflecting on the past thirty two years of America’s social and cultural compass, one cannot help but cringe with pain. Over two hundred-million children have been killed since the infamous Roe v. Wade opened the flood gates to legalized abortion in the nation.

Ninety-three percent of the time, induced abortions are done for elective, non-medical reasons. What’s worse, three separate court rulings overturned a ban against partial birth abortions – a brutal technique of crushing the head of the unborn child while the rest of its body is exposed outside the womb – citing the lack of exceptions for the mother’s health as the reason.

While the Bush Administration and pro-life legislators are working to reinforce the ban, many activists on the pro-choice side are lobbying against it by claiming unborn babies do not feel pain.

However, medical studies have shown time and time again that those unborn children are more than capable of sensing emotions and pain. And in most partial-birth abortion cases, babies are older and bigger than Rumaisa was at birth.

Who could claim Rumaisa would not have felt pain if her parents chose to give up on her life?

President Bush pledged to support a “culture of life” during his State of the Union address. As Christians, we must be prepared to reclaim the culture of Christ that has been lost thirty two years ago by reminding ourselves of the ageless truth: choice comes long before than birth, and life is a sacred blessing that comes from God.