Theologian: ''Anti-Christian Spirit'' Spreading in Europe

An “anti-Christian spirit” is spreading throughout Germany and the European Union, according to a leading German evangelical theologian.

Peter Beyerhaus, the president of the Theological Convention Conference of Confessing Churches, spoke at the March 31 – April 2 event and cited several issues that Christians were facing.

Among others, he mentioned the planned abolishment of Christian religious education in Berlin.

Another warning sign was the original version of an anti-discrimination law that had been proposed by the red-green Federal Government in Germany.

Beyerhaus went on to say that there is currently a “mild form of Christian persecution” within the European Union, according to a report by Idea online.

An example of this came in the story of Italian politician Rocco Buttiglione, whose nomination as a European Union commissioner was withdrawn due to pressure from Social Democrats, Greens and liberals in the European Parliament because of his ethical and religious convictions.

Buttiglione had admitted he believed that homosexuality a sin. However he said he would not discriminate and follow European law.

“It shows that today, it’s not actions anymore, but rather the attitudes that are decisive in evaluating people,” said Beyerhaus.

He also sharply criticized an international gay event planned for August in Jerusalem. He said that this was an “almost apocalyptic degeneration” and a mockery of God in the city where Jesus Christ died for the sin of mankind.

He emphasized that in view of such anti-Christian developments, it was historically necessary that confessing Christians unite across denominational borders.