Theologians to Examine History, Future of Christianity

Theologians and preachers will gather in New York this week to examine the history and future of Christianity.

The Trinity Institute, a theological institute for clergy in the Episcopal Church, is hosting its annual national conference Jan. 22-24. Running into its 37th year, the conference entitled God’s Unfinished Future – Why it Matters Now will provide a forum for well-known theologians and Christian leaders to shed light on popular apocalyptic works such as the Left Behind series.

In particular the dialogue will deal with how modern day apocalyptic works support violence and extremeness within the Christian faith.

Among the speakers to be present at the event, Jorgen Moltmann, author of Theology of Hope and The Coming of God, will offer an alternative to apocalyptic works in contemporary culture. His biblical perspectives will take on an analysis of the social and historical context.

The Rev. Barbara R. Rossing, Th.D., widely-published and a lecturer on CBS television, will touch on topics concerning the prevailing narrative and with a more traditional Christian view. The Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes will reflect on how God’s future has served as a source of hope and direction in the African-American struggle of liberation.

Trinity Institute, founded to provide theological renewal for clergy in the Episcopal Church, has sponsored the National Theological Conference for over 30 years.