Thousand Foot Krutch Returns with Follow-Up

Following their award nominated debut album "Phenomenon," Thousand Foot Krutch is returning with their next project, "The Art of Breaking."

Formed seven years ago, the band made their first indie release in 1997 and followed it with "Set It Off" in 2000, which gained hardcore fans.

Thousand Foot Krutch began as teenagers. "We have been through messed-up situations, but we're almost thankful that they happened, because we learned so much," said singer/songwriter/band founder Trevor McNevan. "We're prepared to take the next step and excited to see what happens."

Track Listing:
1. Absolute
2. Slow Bleed
3. The Art Of Breaking
4. Stranger
5. Hurt
6. Hand Grenade
7. Move
8. Hit The Floor
9. Go
10. Make Me A Believer
11. Breathe You In