Thousands Gather for Haitian Pastor's Funeral

Tens of thousands of people in Haiti attended the funeral of a slain evangelical pastor on Sunday, dissatisfied that little has been done to fight crime since the violent dismissal of their former president in February. The funeral had been postponed Saturday after several people in the crowd were injured.

Thousands Gather for Haitian Pastor's FuneralWorkers of the Civil protection carry the coffin of slain popular radio pastor Rev. Jean-Moles Lovinksky Bertomieux, 43, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004. Thousands of Haitians gathered for the funeral of Berthomieux, whose daily morning b

"Six months after the installation of an interim government, we do not see or hear of any disarmament programs in place," the Rev. Edouard Paultre, secretary general of the Protestant Federation of Haiti, said during the funeral. "Six months after international forces came in saying they would help us, bandits are killing across the country."

The Rev. Jean-Moles Lovinksky Bertomieux, better known to listeners in the poor Caribbean country as