Three Messages on the ''50 Days of Prayer'' From Easter to Pentecost

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has already launched a 50 Days of Prayer website that will allow over 15,000 people to pray together and pray specifically about each region, which they call "Omega Zones" (explained in the second message). Through the website, which is user-controlled, people will be able to read all the prayer topics for an "Omega Zone."

In conjunction with the site that acts as a message board, YWAM has come up with 50 prayer topics, one for each of the 50 days spanning Easter to Pentecost.

Below are three messages from Lynn Green, YWAM's International Chairperson and Field Director of Europe and the Middle East on this new initiative (published and linked with permission).

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Lynn Green shares the Global Leadership Team's call for realignment through an MP3 on the official 50 Days of Prayer website,

The idea for 50 days of prayer and fasting came out of the time of praying together as a global leadership team in August 2004.

There was a very strong sense of unity among us - and the sense that God was calling us to realignment ourselves with His Word to us.

Over the years, we have worked on the foundational values of YWAM, which is our attempt to capture a sense of what God has said to youth through the mission that makes us who we are. It's our DNA, spiritually, as it were, and we've felt that God was saying it was time to look back to those words that He has built into us, to see if we are obeying what He said. And if not, to ask for His forgiveness and turn our hearts again to all that He said to us. The reason for that is quite simple: that one, we are obedient to God, that His anointing is on us at no other time and in no other way. That in turn makes us more fruitful, and of course, we want to bear good fruit. We want to see Christ’s likeness spread around the world. We want to see people coming to faith, and then growing in discipleship. The way we do that is walk in obedience, ourselves. Then the anointing of God is powerfully upon us to be fruitful.

So as you fast and pray for this 50 day period from Easter to Pentecost 2005, I trust that you will experience an alignment, almost as if you were aligning up with the north star - that navigational fixed point, and that point for us is the Word of the Lord to us. May God deepen your commitment to obeying all that He's said, and ground you firmly, root you firmly in the Word of the Lord, that you might bear good fruit, lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God.

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"Lynn Green expound[s] on how an outward vision, a mobilization of all of Christ's people, can be realized through the 50 days of prayer” (

We are called to realignment with the Lord during the 50 days of prayer and fasting, but we are also called to looking outward.

We are on the verge of history's most extensive missions movement. More believers from more nations, from more churches are going into the world than ever before. The ranks of people are going to be swelled dramatically by Chinese, by more Indians, by more Indonesians, by people from all nations.

As we pray together, this big family from all around the world, probably over 15,000 strong, let us ask God that these will be seen in due course to be the days of small beginnings.

May we see many tens of thousands more, joined not with just YWAM, but with the body of Christ worldwide, mobilizing with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, into nations, provinces, towns, and villages where the Gospel is not known.

Let us pray together for a new wave of people going into all the world with the Gospel.

"Omega Zones"
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"Lynn Green's explanation of the 4,000 Omega Zones and to find out how this unprecedented prayer effort is a great step to sharing the gospel with the whole world” (

During these 50 days of prayer and fasting, our context is that of Omega Zone - that is the 4 thousand-plus states, provinces, or districts or nations that are comparable in size or small nations of one Omega Zone that big nations like China or India have over 500.

To our knowledge, the world has never been prayed for quite like this before. There is a level of granularity, as we call it - getting specific about particular places where people live and speak particular language and particular people groups. We'll be praying for these places by name, for the first time.

For the first time ever, the whole world can be lit up in prayer. I hope you'll be able to use the prayer booklets that have gone out, and particularly I’ll trust that you'll have access to the website. That 50 days website will show you all the Omega Zones around the world by name. More than that, you'll get to click on that Omega zone and see how other people have prayed for it. Then you can add your prayers. And so we have a coordinated, unified global prayer event for the whole world to a level of specifics that we've never done before.

I believe this is a great step forward in the cause of the Gospel to the whole world. May God be with you as you fast and pray together with many others.