tobyMac’s Newest Single Paves Way for Upcoming Album

“Made to Love,” the debut single off of tobyMac’s forthcoming album, has already risen to the No. 2 slot, according to the Soundscan Top Singles chart, a rating system based off retail sales.

The song originally soared to the No. 3 spot in its opening sales, moving to No. 2 the following week, and maintaining its position this week, just under current sensation Beyonce.

The accomplishment of the single will likely increase the success of Mac’s new album, Portable Sounds, which is due to be released on Feb. 20.

The songwriter’s newest project seems to be his most eclectic work. The record will explore new spheres within his already unique rock/funk/hip-hop music style.

“I think Portable Sounds is in the same state as the first two records but maybe not the same city,” said Mac in an interview with CMSpin. “It’s more organic.”

The CD will include a variety of fresh ideas, comprising more of real instruments rather than electric ones that have dominated Mac’s songs in the past. The sound also has more focus on classic funk and R&B with much more melodic lyrics.

“I would say the lyrics are a little deeper [than the previous albums],” Mac added.

“[I want] to give people a reason for discussion on how they relate to God, and how God relates to them, how they relate to each other.”

“Made to Love” can currently be heard on radio stations around the United States.