Tonex Announces Retirement

The always unpredictable, sometimes controversial, award-winning singer and performer Tonèx has stated that he will be “retiring” from the gospel music industry until further notice.

Tonèx broke the news on Sunday, Jan. 22 on his blog, where the artist cited “much financial & emotional hardship” brought on by the music industry and the Church as the reasons for his decision.

“Tonèx is not leaving ‘Gospel’ to go sing the dreaded ‘R&B,’” the artist writes. “Tonèx is retiring from an industry and religion that has completely stripped and cut and scarred his heart to the point he feels there’s no repair.”

He goes on to say, “I’m all about kingdom now. And in my pursuit of the real Jesus I leave your fictitious, vindictive country club and cancel my membership to the industry and denounce it. I don’t fit in and I don’t want to. Whatever my mission is for God I wanna do it with the right heart and the right spirit.”

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