Vatican Researcher Claims to Have Found Text on Shroud of Turin

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By Aaron J. Leichman, Christian Post Reporter
November 20, 2009|11:58 pm

A Vatican researcher claims she found nearly invisible text on the Shroud of Turin that includes the words “Jesus Nazarene” and mention of a death sentence.

Barabara Frale, who makes the claim in a new book, says the faint writing emerged through a computer analysis of photos of the shroud, which is not normally accessible for study.

Frale believes the text – a jumble of Greek, Latin and Aramaic – was written on a document by a clerk to identify the body and that the ink had seeped into the cloth.

Despite the historian’s claim, skeptics, not surprisingly, were quick to maintain that the shroud is a medieval forgery.

Frale is a researcher at the Vatican archives.

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