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    Charles Stanley, pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, speaks about preaching better sermons during a webcast, Thursday, March 15, 2012.
By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
January 24, 2014|10:30 am

1 Samuel 17:32-50

Have you ever failed at something simply because you did not plan it all the way through? Sadly, this is all too common among believers and non-believers alike.

If we want to achieve victory in our pursuits, we must be willing to plan. It's not always enough to see a matter through to completion; we must also demonstrate the wisdom to consider all steps leading up to the challenge and all potential results that might follow. Then we'll have a complete view and will begin to see the matter from the perspective of our heavenly Father.

When David confronted the Philistine warrior Goliath, he knew that he was entering into much more than simply a wartime dispute. He was keenly aware of the nature of the conflict-that is, God's reputation was at stake because all the other nations would be watching to see what happened. Failure at this important juncture would have shown the world that Israel's God was not all that powerful.

Not only did David understand the nature of the conflict; he walked into battle knowing the outcome. He'd been called to defeat Goliath and provide an unshakable testimony to the Almighty's power. And he was fully confident that God would enable him to do just that.

If your pursuits keep falling short, ask yourself, Am I looking at the whole issue, or have I lost perspective? If your point of view is too limited, commit the matter to the Lord and allow Him to show you what He is able to do through your efforts.

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